What we do

We connect you to your target audience with the state’s widest range of media marketing resources - through one easy contact.

Media Reach

At a local level. On a statewide scale. We have the tools to reach your target consumer on any platform. As a partner, Michigan.com’s largest and most engaged audience in the state works for you.

Data Analysis

When it comes to understanding your consumers, we’re the local authority. Joining industry research with decades of market insights, we reveal hidden trends to capitalize on unseen opportunities.


After recognizing opportunities for growth, we plot out all the best ways to take advantage of them. We’ll measure your current program against an enhanced, more comprehensive plan, and then we’ll explain every step and benefit involved.


Whether or not you have an ad agency, we make sure you have one. Beyond writing and designing, we craft custom promotional pieces, videos, cohesive print and digital campaigns, and just as importantly, innovative ideas to breathe life into your marketing.

Integrated Marketing

We’re constantly looking at your program across a number of variables. It’s not about throwing money at the latest trend. It’s about serving up dynamic messaging through the right channels to the right audience, while tightening every screw of your targeting every day.