Advertising Tracking

Advertising Tracking

TotalTrack is a comprehensive and cost-effective advertising tracking solution that enables you to monitor all your advertising efforts and see exactly where your potential customers are coming from.

Track All Advertising

With TotalTrack, you get two tracking phone numbers, a trackable URL, or both, that you place in your offline or online advertising, such as search ads, billboards, print ads, radio, television, and more. Then, when consumers call you or visit your website, you see exactly which ads are driving them to your business.

Measure True ROI

Calculate true marketing ROI with TotalTrack’s online report. Your report is available 24/7 and shows the exact number of phone calls, emails, and web events you receive from each type of advertising. This lets you steer your marketing dollars towards the ads that get you the most business.

Review Your Calls

TotalTrack digitally records every call* made into your tracking phone number, along with details like the caller’s name, phone number, and location. The software stores the call recordings for 90 days, so you can listen to and rate your calls to learn more about your contacts and identify opportunities for improvement.