Website Chat Functionality

Chat With Website Visitors

TotalLiveChat is easy-to-install technology that gives you an extra way to generate new business by engaging website visitors and encouraging them to chat. Together with a team of live chat specialists, we help you provide a great customer experience that keeps people on your website and increases the return on investment from all your advertising efforts.

Immediately Engage Consumers

People are prompted to chat with a live chat specialist as soon as they arrive on your website. Our agents monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and use a customized script to engage visitors. The agent collects their contact information, and the products and services they are interested in, so you can follow up.

Improve The Customer Experience

A live chat icon placed on your website allows visitors to immediately connect with your business. If they need additional assistance, they can optionally speak with you via phone using our Call Connect Feature. This provides an additional avenue to contact your business and keeps visitors from leaving your site.

Track And Report Interest

After the customer information is captured and the chat ends, you receive a summary of the conversation. If a call was engaged during the chat, it will be noted and the call will be tracked in our platform. We then provide comprehensive reports about each potential customer obtained, including call recordings.